Social Media Management

Connect with your Audience

Improve engagement, customer retention, and sales with our social media marketing services.  Social media management is the ongoing process of managing your online presence on social media platforms. We can create and schedule content, analyze audiences, monitor campaign results, launch social media ads, and more.

Social Media Strategy

More than half of consumers turn to social media to learn about new brands, making social media management an essential component of your marketing efforts. Building brand awareness on social begins by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor’s social media strategies. We‘ll take inspiration from their successful efforts and discover why specific marketing tactics are successful within your industry. We’ll discover what is capturing your target audience and draw attention to your brand with a clever mix of inspiration and spark.

Capturing the attention of your target audience on Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok is easier with the correct information. We perform an in-depth buyer persona exercise to determine what your audience wants, needs and is currently getting from your business.

It’s not a one-time thing, either.

Your buyer personas will change over time; our team will stay on top of the game, constantly updating your business’s social strategy to fit with the flow of social media to ensure you’re always getting the best results.

As a team, our greatest goal is to give you the social media services you’ve been looking for, starting with a thorough buyer persona exercise that will provide you with the information you need to help your business start to succeed online.  

Social Media Management

Building brand loyalty with your audience is a breeze when you have solid customer support and community management on social media. The key to success is interacting with your customers and potential customers on social media. A quick response time and a friendly approach can go a long way in making a good impression. And remember, the way you handle things on social media can make or break your reputation.

Our community management skills go beyond just chatting and connecting; we’re always looking for ways to improve our social media strategy, ensuring it aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.

It’s well-known that digital interactions with brands can sometimes feel remote and impersonal. Social community managers can help your brand overcome this by giving your brand a human touch.

While there are standard practices for community management, our team likes to think outside the box and develop a strategy that goes beyond the usual methods.

We strive to create a deeper and more meaningful connection with your audience.

Custom Graphics & Content

From video to photography, motion graphics to illustrations, Facebook to Instagram, and everything in between.

We can bring it to life with the help of our in-house production studio and highly talented creative team.

  • Photography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Stop Motion
  • Filters
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Live Social Broadcasts
  • 360° Photo/Video
  • User Generated Content
  • Voiceovers
  • And more…

Paid Social Advertising

You can maximize the impact of your social media campaigns by exploring the benefits of social media advertising for your business.

Advertising through social media is a highly efficient means of promoting your brand. Rather than investing significant money in conventional advertising methods that may yield different outcomes, we can help you create impactful, low-cost ads that reach a vast audience, resulting in exceptional ROI.

Whether age, gender, location, or specific industries, our team can use our skills and tools to target each individual where they’ll most likely convert carefully.

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis and then launch tailored, highly targeted ad campaigns to individuals based on their online behavior and engagement. Also, we will use your existing email lists or create new ones to reach current and potential customers to increase website traffic.

By carefully analyzing demographics, we can more effectively advertise to your target audience through Social PPC.

Social paid advertising is the answer to driving accurate and effective results from a social network

We take care to ensure that all ad campaigns are well-planned and effective. We’re concerned about making the most of your marketing resources. This means that every ad must meet specific standards before it is launched on social media platforms.

It’s time for your business to soar to success through social media advertising. Our exceptional creativity sets us apart from other paid social advertising companies. From photography to graphic design, our ads constantly inspire our clients and their target audiences. We view your success as our own and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you achieve it. So why wait to start paid ads?

Facebook Management

With 1.28 billion active monthly users (and a total user base that’s growing every day), Facebook has become an integral part of our culture.

By creating your Facebook Business Page, Beyond Spots & Dots gives your customers access to a new mode of communication. These pages spread new and interesting information to your current customers via status posts while attracting potential clients through contests, promotions and online viral marketing.

At Beyond Spots & Dots, we work with your organization to integrate a customized Facebook Business Page into your social media management activities for visitors to “like” and connect with. Our team not only builds your page, but also monitors activity and encourages growth through interaction on comment threads.

Twitter Management

Looking to keep up with the latest social trends while connecting with your customers through real-time updates? Then Twitter is the place to be, with over one billion users already, and Beyond Spots & Dots will get you there.

A Twitter account for your business allow you to reach customers in the way they prefer it these days—in 140 characters or less. Once you join the conversation on Twitter, you can connect with the local community—sharing messages, promoting events and talking to customers. What’s more is that your followers will often keep conversations going for you by retweeting your posts—creating an extensive reach.

We work with your business to create a customized Twitter account. Our team builds and monitors your account, creates organic content and cultivates relationships through conversation, networking and interaction.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, with 300+ million total members in over 200 countries and territories.

At Beyond Spots & Dots, we help your company get noticed online by creating and enhancing your corporate LinkedIn page with eye-catching graphics and detailed descriptions of both who you are as a business and the services you offer. Status updates on this network also help to engage potential customers with company news, promotions and career opportunities.

Instagram & Snapchat Management

Instagram and Snachat are growing ever more popular for personal conversations amoung friends. Using photos and comments, the two networks are now in a fierce competition with each other to grow their market share. With filters, Geofencing, stories, hashtags and better posts, we can help you engage with your community.

Pinterest & Others

Additional social media channels such as Pinterest and others are a great way to share everyday moments in your organization with employees, current clients, potential clients and the general public. These social media channels are quickly transferring from personal use to corporate brand awareness. Beyond Spots & Dots can set up, brand, manage and facilitate engagement on your accounts.