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JanMichaels Art & Home

JanMichaels Art & Home is a leading wholesale supplier of farmhouse styles, vintage-inspired framed artwork, home décor, apparel, and seasonal products.  We created a marketing strategy for their Business to Business outreach, merging social media campaigns with email, store signage and tradeshow events.  We were able to add more than 10,000 products online, using custom photography to highlight each.  We continue to do weekly emails and daily social media management.  With eight market locations across the country, we’ve been able to merge online and offline sales, manage inventory, and coordinate campaigns.

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Services Provided

Marketing Strategy (B2B)
E-commerce Website Design
Product Photography
Email Marketing
Graphic Design (Signage/Trade Show)
Social Media Management

e-Commerce Website Design /
Social Media Management /
Email Marketing /
Product Photography /
Branding Strategy

An updated JanMichaels Logo and Brand Guidelines then extended the brand to their wholesale market locations and direct-to-consumer points of sale.

E-commerce Website Design

A redesigned website to make it more user-friendly, focusing on which products sold best within each category.  We added several hundred products per month, allowing us to highlight product batches with our email marketing and social media campaigns.

Social Media Management

In various social media campaigns, we added 1500 followers to the JanMichaels Instagram and Facebook accounts, using hashtags and events to promote multiple market sales and upcoming promotions.

Email Marketing

Weekly emails promote the various market vendors, open houses, and market promotions.  We also used discount codes to gauge overall success rates for each message sent.


Custom photography to stage primary products while selling secondary products is also shown.  We created a library of images to be used on the website, social media, and all in our marketing campaigns.